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Operations Manager


Operations Manager

Added on: 22 Jul 2018

Contract type: Full Time

Location: Soho

Salary: £30,000 - £50,000

We need an experienced, trusted, organised, proactive operations manager to help enhance and manage our operations and team culture. We see the role as pivotal in that this individual should help build the operational foundations for future agency growth.

Simpatico PR is a young (4.5 years), business-focused PR agency. We’re a bright, engaging, proactive group of people (12 employees plus freelancers) with a diverse range of experience in journalism and PR. Culturally we’re friendly, flat-structured (no big egos), we’re really interested in serious business subjects (quite studious) but also creative and fun.

We’ve created a distinct proposition based on proactive thought-leadership and content creation. Our clients range across creative industries like design, branding and advertising, business technology, professional services, research and retail.

We’ve grown rapidly, have a lovely office in Soho Square and we would like to work with more and bigger clients in the future.

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